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Someone else's song

Someone Else's Song is Marty Pawlina's latest studio album to be released spring 2017. Exploring traditional folk form through contemporary R&B melody, there is a sense of wistful nostalgia woven in each story.  

"Raw, roots, and real"  Marty's songwriting is strong and unvarnished, compelling listeners to ever-wonder in life.

Old Fire, new flame

Marty Pawlina's debut full length release 4 years in making, recorded with award winning Canadian producer Louis Sedmak.Featuring Nashville heavyweights Jeff King, B. James Lowry, Larry Paxton, and Lee Brewster. It also features some of Canada's best including 2012 CCMA Drummer of the year Chad Melchert, bassist Mike Lent, 2008 Canadian Folk Music Awards 'Emerging Artist of the Year' Chloe Albert on vocals, bassist Daniel Sedmak, and studio maven Louis Sedmak.

Thoughtful and detailed lyrics backed by soaring melodies, Marty's songwriting sounds experienced far beyond his years. "Old Fire, New Flame" features co-writers Rob Heath (2011 Calgary Folk Music Festival Songwriting Award winner, the New Folk competition at the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival, 2003 Canadian Radio Music Award for “Songwriter of the Year”), Chloe Albert (2014 Canadian Juno Nominee, 2008 Canadian Folk Music Awards 'Emerging Artist of the Year'), Carrie Day (2013 Calgary Folk Music Festival Songwriting Award finalist), Lisa Nicole Grace, Tim Chesterton, Peter LaRiviere, Alix Bean Sedmak, Samara Sedmak. Download it here.